Friday, July 30, 2021

Cosmopolitan Hotel, Las Vegas

Room: Condesa 3/4

7:00a - 5:00P 

Ultrasound Basics, Upper Extremity Ultrasound, Billing                      


7:00a - 8:00a    Breakfast Buffet/Vendor Exhibits

Room: Condesa 2(breakfast)  Vendor Exhibits (Condesa 8)


7:30a - 7:45a    Vendor Sponsored Lecture (NON-CME)

Pending Title

Room: Condesa 2


7:15a - 8:00a    Course Registration

Room: Condesa 3/4

8:00a - 8:30a    Ultrasound Basics and the 13 Pt Shoulder Exam          

Don Buford, MD, RMSK

8:30a - 9:00a    MSK Ultrasound of the Rotator Cuff                                  

Ben DuBois, MD

9:00a - 9:20a    Ultrasound Guided Shoulder Procedures                        

Ben DuBois, MD

9:20a - 9:40a  Ultrasound Guided Shoulder Procedures                        

Don Buford, MD, RMSK

9:40a - 9:50a  Shoulder Sonography Q & A


9:50a - 10:10a   Break/Visit Exhibits

10:10a - 10:40a    MSK Ultrasound of the Elbow                                            

Rowan Paul, MD

10:40a - 11:20p    MSK Ultrasound of the Wrist/Hand                                  

Colin Rigney, DPT, RMSK

11:20p - 11:40p     Coding and Reimbursement Updates                          

Don Buford, MD, RMSK

11:40p - 12:00p     Elbow, Hand/Wrist, Coding Q&A



12:00p -  1:00p     Lunch (Provided)

Room: Condesa 2


1:00p - 5:00p       Live Model Demos and Hands On Scanning

Room: Condesa 3/4


​Sponsoring Vendors (subject to change)


Celling Biosciences (Pending)

Trice Medical  (Pending)

Interventional Orthopedics Foundation (Pending)

Konica Minolta (Pending)

Summus Medical Laser (Pending)

Safersonic Ultrasound Products (Pending)

Pajunk Needles (Pending)

Boston Biolife (Pending) (Pending)

Plymouth Medical (Pending)