Thursday, July 25, 2024

Clinical Orthobiologics, Complementary Modalities, FDA Regulatory Updates

12:00p - 6:00p

Location: Nikko I-IV

Vendor Exhibits:  Nikko I-IV

Lectures:   Nikko I-IV


11:00a - 11:30p    Registration/Badge Pickup (Nikko Ballrooms)

11:30p - 11:45p    Course Welcome   (Nikko Ballrooms)                                        

Don Buford, MD, RMSK; Ben DuBois, MD

11:45p - 12:30p     20 questions: Orthobiologics Science   (PRP/BMC/Adipose)   

Matt Murphy, PhD            Don Buford, MD, RMSK

 12:30p - 1:30p       Platelet Rich Plasma And  Bone Marrow Concentrate Use In Orthopedics 

Don Buford, MD, RMSK

 1:30p - 1:45p         Break

 1:45p - 2:15p         Evidence Based Adipose Use in Orthopedics

Ariana Demers, DO  

 2:15p  - 2:35          Subchondral Injections For Bone Marrow Lesions

John Ferrell, MD

 2:35p  - 2:45         Orthobiologics Faculty Q&A

Orthobiologics Faculty

2:45p - 3:15p         What orthobiologics can I use? What can I advertise? FDA Regulatory and Advertising Updates

Don Buford, MD

3:15p - 3:30p         Break   

3:30p - 4:00p        Shockwave A-Z: Clinical pearls and protocols

John Knab, MD                         


   Break/ Demo Set-up


4:00p - 6:00p  (all demos are pending vendor confirmation)

Demo 1:    BMC for shoulder tendinopathy    

Demo 2:   PRP for lateral elbow/ Right hip OA                                             

All Faculty 


​January 2024 Sponsoring Vendors (subject to change for July 2024)

Interventional Orthobiologics Foundation

Plymouth Medical (Emcyte PRP/BMC/Adipose)

Biorich Medical (Emcyte PRP/BMC/Adipose)

Transcend Biologics (Tropocells PRP/Wisonic Ultrasound)

Mavrix Profit System

Zetroz (Sustained Acoustic Medicine)

Esaote Ultrasound - North America

Apex Biologix

Konica Minolta Ultrasound

Clarius Ultrasound