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Registration for the next Vegas Regenerative Medicine and MSK Ultrasound Course is open!

We have a dedicated vendor section with exhibits.

There are only 15 premium spots available.  

Vendors can exhibit their products at their dedicated 6 foot booth.

Course participants have dedicated time to spend in the exhibit room.

Vendor registration includes course admission for 2 people to audit the course. 

Vendor Fee: $3000

(Additional people are $500 each. )

(6 outlet power drop to table is $150)

(Sponsoring live demo $1000)

Sponsoring faculty dinner is $2700

Vendor Registration

For pricing or additional  information,

Please contact our Course Administrator at...

[email protected]


Exhibitors for January  2024 Course (subject to change for July 2024)

Interventional Orthobiologics Foundation

Plymouth Medical (Emcyte PRP/BMC/Adipose)

Biorich Medical (Emcyte PRP/BMC/Adipose)

Wisonic Ultrasound 

Transcend Biologics

Mavrix Profit System

Zetroz (Sustained Acoustic Medicine)

Esaote Ultrasound - North America

Apex Biologix

Konica Minolta Ultrasound

Fuji-Sonosite Ultrasound

Softwave Shockwave